Latest Incidents on Sunderland Enterprise Park

On Sunday 17th November 2013 during a routine patrol SEP security noted a large container on fire at Bristol Street Motors which was dangerously close to vehicles and the building. The officer extinguished the fire and pulled the container into the rain to ensure it was totally extinguished. The officer’s bravery and professionalism prevented a major incident.

On Monday 16th December whilst on CCTV duties SEP security noted a white flatbed driving suspiciously through the site. The vehicle then left the site and pulled into the lay-by on the A1231 where a passenger left carrying a set of bolt cutters and climbed over the bushes to be met by another vehicle at the back of the premier lodge hotel. Whilst the officer was monitoring the actions he informed the police, who arrived and arrested all parties and impounded the vehicles. The police commended SEP for their alertness and actions.