Site Security

• Monitored and recorded 24 hours per day
23 monochrome infra-red cameras recorded in digital mode

• Regular CCTV Patrols and recording of incidents
Incidents reported directly to emergency services

• Mobile Patrols
Irregular high profile patrols in marked security van

• Foot Patrols
Uniformed guards patrolling at irregular intervals

• Alarm Response
Immediate response to members alarms

• Insurance discounts
Arrange through a national chain of brokers

• Risk Management
Free consultation can be arranged to advise on all aspects of risk, including health and safety

• Advisory service
Free on site advisory crime prevention advice can be arranged

• Lone or late workers service
If an employee or visitor’s is working late and would like to be monitored leaving the Enterprise Park they can contact the Security Control Room; they will them be observed by CCTV

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